Google Classroom

Each band class has its own Google Classroom in which assignments, videos, and recordings are to be completed and assessed. Only students can login using their email address.

How to upload a video to Google Classroom

Instructions to join Google Classroom

Class Codes

Beginner Flute: dufpfoa

Beginner Double Reed: e6fdc95

Beginner Clarinet: xwppxu

Beginner Saxophone: 4nsjcng

Beginner Trumpet: vp7kn7r

Beginner Horn: 57t4wju

Beginner Trombone: zvn6lhl

Beginner Euphonium & Tuba (Teupha): cg4wq4

Beginner Percussion: 82awqw

Symphonic Band: ewas14j

Select Symphonic Band: trdmu6

Honors Band: 8quma5